New website!!

We have a new website! Go here for up-to-date information.

Welcome to the Yale Latter-Day Saint Student Association website! The LDSSA has been a place for Mormon undergraduates at Yale to foster friendships and spiritual wellbeing for the past 300 years. . . Well, not quite that long. But sort of close-ish. From Sunday dinner in Timothy Dwight to weekly cookies + scripture study on Old Campus to movie nights in Branford Theater, we try to make sure that there's always a place for good, clean fun on Yale Campus.     

While you're here, feel free to check out upcoming events on our calendar,  browse pictures from recent activities, or look up members' contact information. If you have any questions that can't be answered here (pfffft. Like that's ever going to happen), send us an emailfacebook us, or just forget you ever had that question. . .  

Anyway, thanks for visiting -- we're glad to have you here!*   

   *But you know what's even better than our website? Our school. You should totally come here if, like, you 

    haven't already decided to come here. We have swings. And magic bars. And a world-class academic      
    experience. Seriously -- one library looks like a Gothic cathedral and another looks like a 1960s alien       
    spaceport. (I say 'another' library and not 'the other' library because we have, like, twenty other libraries   
    on this campus.) Does it get better than that? No. No it does not.   

   So, you know, think about it -- ok? Ok.